Tutbury Castle Photo Day

Jacobite Army with shields and swords raised - Tutbury Castle

Another early season photography day, this time travelling back through the ages at Tutbury Castle near Uttoxeter. Unfortunately two days of heavy snow meant a lot of the re enactors couldn’t make it with only the Jacobites and a lone Viking making it to the castle. Despite this the reenactors, out numbered by the 50 or so photographers put on a good show with both indoor and outdoor scenes.

Jacobite Takes Aim (at me!) - Tutbury Castle

First the Jacobites braved the snow and howling winds with drill practise, pistol firing and sword and shield formations followed by a chance for individual shots. The lone Viking also stood guard and showed off his crossbow skills.

Viking Archer - Tutbury Castle

Back inside for a much needed warm the Jacobites posed for shots around the Great Hall. After lunch it was time for the Curator Leslie Smith to get into character. First as firery red head Boudica posing inside the Great Hall complete with Roman sandles and helmet and outside bravely posing bare footed in the derelict basement of the castle.

Boudicca Close Up - Tutbury Castle

Always willing to accommodate the photographers and ensure they go away with great shots, the staff were happy to adjust the lighting, move pictures out of the background and rearrange objects for close ups.

Finally Leslie reappeared this time as long time capture at Tutbury Mary Queen of Scots. Again both indoor shots around the throne and outdoor shots were provided.


Despite the low number of models and poor weather conditions this was a fantastic day and well worth the £10 entry fee. Even more so as Tutbury Caste have offered to rearrange the date at non extra cost in the near future.

Kit used: Nikon d5100, 35mm prime lens


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